So inspired – Thanks for your input!

It wasn’t the best of circumstances for expecting people to leave their homes: At the evening of our info night it was pouring down with rain and the wind was rocking the scaffolding around the Mezrab. When my grumpy self entered the space however, I was welcomed by a wave of Filippino warmth and some guitar sounds, which instantly changed my mood. The Saturay family and their friend Maybel had come from Utrecht by train and were practising a song/ rap/ performance to add to our programme for the night. I was overwhelmed – in my eyes, the evening was already a success.

With surprise I realised that Marakit, who was rapping the English translation of the song that night, had been the very same girl rapping at an Occupy demonstration some months ago, which we had recorded and put on this blog then!

Other highlights of the evening were that almost 30 people attended despite the rain, that we had lots of critical questions and inspiring ideas – even offers to organise fundraising events (e.g. with Filippino food and Kurdish music…).

When we had prepared for the evening, we agreed that one of our aims was to create (more) enthusiasm – in others as well as ourselves – an aim that I felt was certainly achieved this night.

Thanks to everybody who was there, and for your input, we really enjoyed sharing and discussing with you! Also a big thanks to Sahand and his mom for opening the Mezrab for us and providing soup, drinks and donations!

To be continued 🙂