It’s been a while since the last update. Back in the Netherlands the Philippines are again so far away.
It’s hard to keep completely updated about what’s going on in the women workers struggle. However the support goes on here in Amsterdam. Many people have seen the short clips we made and heard the stories that traveled back here from Manilla with us.  With the solidaritybag, made by the ex-triumph workers, on our shoulder, we are now looking for funding. More and more I realize that this project could actually make a difference. The women we met have so much to say that it would be such a shame to not share those words.

This week the Occupy-Movement took over Amsterdam. Thousands of people by now have occupied the city and spread their ideas about injustice in the world. The first day of the occupation a Philippino woman climbed up the stage and translated her anger into a ‘rap’ (in Dutch). She told the people who were listening trough what she all went, what she’s seen and why she’s angry. I made a little clip of the rap and the people demonstrating. There’s something with these strong philippino women 😉 I’ll do some English subtites soon!