Project activities


At the moment we are preparing funding applications together with Mel and Ed.
Besides the funding, we are sorting out the materials and information to organize an info night in Amsterdam about the experience we had during the preparation meeting and the next steps for the project. The Amsterdam group has regular meetings.

Manila Preparation Meeting

From 22 August-4 September 2011, the Amsterdam project coordinators Sapi, Julia and belit went to Manila to meet Mel and Ed from DJP and other possible participants in the project face to face, and to work out a project plan together.

Together with DJP and sometimes members of other affiliated groups like Kodao and Tudla media collective, KMU union, cultural collective Siningbukos, the Women’s solidarity cooperative, ex-Triumph workers, and many other great people, we discussed ideas and developed a vision.

We had 10 long days full of exhausting but productive meetings and action. As a result we agreed on a project plan and publicly presented our plans to some 20 participants of an info night in Bar Taumbayan in Manila.

It was also very much fun being there, meeting new people. We met with quite a lot of inspiring active groups and individuals. It’s a whole cultural and political scene that keeps moving on with great initiatives and good energy. Please check out Links section for the groups, initiatives and alternative projects in Manila.

We are deeply missing Philippines! and the lovely people we met in Manila!!

Fingers crossed! for the funding applications 😉