Project In a Nutshell

Since lingerie brand Triumph closed down their factory in Manila (Philippines), the dismissed workers have come up with brave and inspiring initiatives to deal with their current situation.

By means of a participatory video project we want to trigger the creative and inspirational energy in these women to enable the ex-Triumph worker community in Manila to mobilise effective support for their case. This will include the use of new media tools, such as video blogs, video sites, live streaming, and use of social networks. Individuals of the community will learn about video activism and become skilled video makers on the ground who will produce and spread images of individual’s everyday life, worries and motivations.

This project will experiment with adding a new dimension to traditional storytelling. In many cultures telling stories to each other is a way of keeping history, culture, tradition but also certain perspectives and ideologies alive. By connecting the art of storytelling to new digital media we transfer this tradition into a more modern but possibly also a more maintainable and ‘usable’ way.