People Involved

The Manila based project coordinators:

Mel and Ed from Defend Job Philippines(DJP)

Defend Job Philippines(DJP) is a broad campaign of workers demanding decent jobs and better working and living conditions in the Philippines. Defend Job was established in  2009 by displaced workers of Triumph International when their factory was closed and hundreds of workers were dismissed uncompensated. The center tries to support the interests of the laid off workers and their initiatives, e.g. the Displaced Womens’ Cooperative.

Defend Job reaches out to a variety of effected people and has evolved as coordinating center for workers’ struggles and campaigns in the Philippines and abroad. At the same time the center aims to create more awareness among workers about their rights and wants to find ways how to share this knowledge.

DJP is also involved in the people’s caravan for Truth, Justice and Change.

The Amsterdam based project coordinators:

sapi – campaigner, grassroots organizer

julia – new media expert, video-maker

belit – video-maker, video-activist