Welcome to the Philippines!

Popular means of transport only for short distances even with many people and lots of stuff!


Wow, first couple of days have passed and it’s hot! So hot you don’t need to use salt in your food cause sweat’s dripping on your plate 😉  Further we have met so many great people! And also some great, well, ehm gigantic cockroaches, big as pineapples! First muskito bites in the pocket and realizing that we never thought of ourselves as ‘white people’ or been addressed as ‘ma’am’. Where are all the tourists?! Strange how we seem to be the only visitors around. People are so amazingly welcoming and friendly. We even had a private concert last night of a popular band within the workers movement. They sing songs about the women, their struggles, comrades, empowerment and solidarity. Check the small clip attached below!

Even more important is our first meeting with the Defend Job Philippines people. What an inspiring and so empowering group of people! However it was a very long and little chaotic meeting. Many great idea’s and expectations came out of it and now we have to try to focus that down to more concrete plans. Quite a job 😉 Especially since we have very little time cause all of our time is planned in in a very busy schedule already. Tomorrow we will go to the ex-Triumph Factory and see where the workers had their picket line, then we’ll go to the Edvan Factory where workers did a video-project also recently, we will be able to interview workers and film stuff. If we manage we will also go to meet people at the cooperation where ex-triumph workers started their own little business in ‘solidarity bags’. Hope we can bring some to spread the solidarity.

Much more to come soon…. Keep posted and spread the word!